Glass repair that holds up

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The MPI Direct Repair program helps our customers get back on the road as quickly as possible. Customers can expedite their repairs by calling MPI to obtain an eligible claim number and then visiting us directly for an estimate.


Glass repair that holds up

Replacing a vehicle’s windshield or windows involves more than achieving a clean, attractive appearance. It’s part of your vehicle’s structural integrity, and it affects both performance and passenger safety.

At Winter’s, we have the right materials for your vehicle. We use Sika Tack Mach-60, a top quality urethane that’s ideal for our Manitoba climate. Mach-60 cures quickly in cold temperatures, ensuring a proper seal of your glass no matter the weather. It’s also non conductive, which is essential to the function of windshield electronics.

Not all vehicles require a full windshield replacement. For windshields with less severe damage, our specialists may be able to simply repair the affected area.

Book your next appointment with Winter’s and trust our detailed, thorough technicians to diagnose your windshield, and properly install or repair your glass.

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At Winter’s, we’re committed to quality work that lasts for years and stands up to the demands of the road. That’s why we guarantee all body and paint repairs to meet industry standards. Our work comes with a warranty against defects due to workmanship or materials for as long as you own your vehicle. Book your next collision repair appointment with Winter’s and see the quality work that creates customers for life. *While we strive to offer the best service and workmanship in the city, we cannot warrant against normal wear or damage from improper maintenance or unreasonable use.

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