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Autobody repair that makes
the collision disappear

Restoring your vehicle to its pre-accident condition involves more than making it look like new. Your vehicle needs to keep you safe. At Winter’s Collision Repair, we take the time to ensure your vehicle meets MPI repair standards and protects you on the road.

Winter’s is your first stop for insurance repairs. We are MPI accredited and I-CAR Gold Class certified. The autobody repair technicians leading our team are trained to inter-provincial Canadian standards. Our staff also participates in on-going training, ensuring the use of modern techniques in the repair of your vehicle.

Our collision repair centre has access to the latest equipment, technology and information. We also maintain a large archive of hard copy and web-based OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) frame specifications and diagrams. Your vehicle is designed to withstand the demands of the road, and with this information, our staff ensure it continues to do so.

At Winter’s, we use only the most innovative, efficient and durable materials to repair your vehicle. It’s part of our reputation for offering customers the best service and quality work.

“In my position as 3M Canada’s collision repair consultant, I spend my days working in autobody shops across western Canada. Winter’s stands at the top as a business that is second to none in terms of innovation and repair quality. Winter’s customers can have confidence that not only are their cars in the hands of the very best technicians in the industry, Winter’s demands the very best products in the industry to get the job done.”

Brett MacNeil
Automotive Aftermarket Division
3M Canada Company

Bring your vehicle to Winter’s and put your collision behind you. We’ll ensure your vehicle looks its best, performs to its highest standard and keeps you safe.

Paint that reflects your
vehicle’s true colour

Paint that reflects your vehicle’s true colour

Winter’s Collision Repair is committed to using environmentally responsible products that don’t compromise our company’s commitment to quality work. We were one of the first facilities in Winnipeg to achieve government benchmarks for solvent reduction, effectively cutting our emissions in half. Winter’s early transition to new standards has reaffirmed our position as an industry leader in the region.


We focus on the painting process to accurately match your vehicle’s colour. This process starts with the undercoat. Winter’s uses Colorbuild™ Plus 250, a VOC compliant primer that achieves vibrant color without the use of topcoat toners. This undercoat gives your vehicle long-lasting corrosion protection.


We use Sikken’s Autowave®, a waterborne paint that reduces our emissions by 50%. Waterborne paints create a safe workplace for our staff and keep harsh solvents out of our environment. Most importantly, Autowave® is a superior paint, allowing us to build your vehicle’s true colour.


A high quality clear coat is essential for protecting your vehicle from scratches and fading. At Winter’s, we use Sikken’s Autoclear® Superior clear coat. This environmentally friendly waterborne clear coat is highly efficient and gives your vehicle a glossier finish than solvent-based clear coats.

Winter’s Collision Repair is proud to be an Ecological Ambassador for Akzo Nobel, modeling environmentally sustainable practices for the autobody industry.

Make your next appointment with Winter’s Collision Repair and we’ll make sure your vehicle stays beautiful for years to come, while helping to preserve our environment.

Auto glass that looks good
and performs

Auto glass that looks good and performs

Replacing a vehicle’s windshield or windows involves more than achieving a clean, attractive appearance. It’s part of your vehicle’s structural integrity, and it affects both performance and passenger safety.

At Winter’s, we have the right materials for your vehicle. We use SikaTack® MOVEIT, a top-quality urethane that’s ideal for our Manitoba climate. MOVEIT cures quickly in cold temperatures, ensuring a proper seal of your glass no matter the weather. It’s also non-conductive, which is essential to the function of windshield electronics.

Winter’s Collision Repair is a participating eGlassClaim repair shop. We link into Manitoba Public Insurance’s systems and register claims for you.

Your auto glass also affects airbag deployment, so it must be installed correctly. Book your next appointment with Winter’s and trust our detailed, thorough technicians to properly install your glass.

At Winter's, we offer
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