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Supporting our community and leading our industry

At Winter’s Collision Repair, we continue to work to the high standards and values we have practiced since 1960. Customers can trust our hard working staff to consistently deliver quality work and a friendly, professional experience.


Over 50 years ago, Winter’s Collision Repair opened the doors of its small autobody shop. Located on the corner of Elgin and Arlington, the shop had just two employees and simple goal: deliver quality work and earn loyal customers. Dave Winter’s small business became known for its attention to detail and quickly grew its customer base solely by word of mouth.

Over 50 years ago, Winter’s Collision Repair opened the doors of its small autobody shop.

Winter’s has since expanded to a 30,000 square foot collision repair centre. We employ almost 30 experienced staff and can house 100 vehicles under our roof. And while our shop has grown, we still base our business on the same core values: delivering quality work and earning customer referrals.


As we build our reputation for quality work and excellent service, our goal is to become widely known as the most dependable provider of collision repairs in the region. Winter’s Collision Repair will remain the place where experts in this industry want to work.


At Winter’s, we are committed to enhancing our community by strictly adhering to industry regulations, creating a safe workplace for our employees, and growing in sustainability. Here are a few of the ways we are doing so:

  • – Many of our existing shop technologies have a built-in capacity for recycling and harm reduction.
  • – We value the regulations established for the automobile collision repair industry, and we’re committed to upholding them.
  • – As we grow and expand, we are making choices that respect and value people, community and the natural environment.
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Among customers and employees alike, Winter’s has become well known for integrity and quality – for doing the job the way it should be done.